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I was very impressed with the low-frequency reproduction - in fact, it was probably the best I've heard. ”

Christopher Scarabosio
Re-recording Mixer, "Munich"
"Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith"

The Pearson Theatre is the synergistic result of groundbreaking design, methodical measurement and analysis, and painstaking attention to detail at every juncture.

Acoustical measurements were performed as a regular part of the construction process in order to monitor and adjust for how the plans were translating into reality. In response to information gathered from the measurements, construction changes were effected "on the fly" as needed in order to achieve the desired acoustical characteristics.

These design and building methods were combined with creative use of practical, off-the-shelf building materials to create a cost-effective, scalable solution for realizing a multipurpose venue.

It is Meyer Sound's hope that the Pearson Theatre will serve to influence the conception and design of new facilities of this type, both large and small.

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