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Oliveto Restaurant and Cafe


City Winery Napa

Sound Completes the Feeling

The interior design is perfect, the staff is talented, and the clientele is beautiful. All that’s needed is music, but your loudspeaker choice could make or break the image you’ve spent so much time and money building. Meyer Sound’s full line of self-powered loudspeakers can meet nightlife’s needs with style and add to an air of quality in any venue.

Keeping a low profile, yet manifesting high fidelity, reliability, even coverage in every room and alcove, and as much power as you need, Meyer Sound systems can fill any restaurant or club with music that completes the feeling, whether working in the foreground or background, and regardless of musical genre.

Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs Applications



Meyer Sound in Las Vegas

"I think it's great. It's probably the best club I've heard so far."

- Carl Ferruggia
SI Tech

"The owners came to Singapore and told us they wanted the very best system available. We were competing with a few other brands, but the owner had a special interest in Meyer. The fact that the Platinum Disco Lounge features live acts clinched the deal: Meyer Sound loudspeakers offer the clarity required for live vocal performances, as well as the punch needed for disco."

- Clement Fang,
Director, Quebec Leisure

"Our previous system had served us well for fourteen years. But the time had come to leapfrog ahead of everybody else and the way to do that was with MILOs. Their accuracy and clarity are unbelievable, and the amount of level they put out is simply astonishing."

- Wayne Carlson
Sound Supervisor,
Harrah's and Harvey's at Lake Tahoe