The Corrs Tour Europe Equipped By Meyer Sound

The Corrs Hamburg, Germany (March 3, 1999) - World-renowned Irish quartet, The Corrs, toured the U.K. and Europe in February using a front of house Meyer Sound system based around six MSL-6s, 20 MSL-4s and 20 650-Ps. With the aid of Meyer’s RMS (RMS™ Remote Monitoring System) technology, they were able to closely monitor the speakers’ performance from both the front-of-house and backstage positions.

“It sounds really great out there on the stage,” said Sharon Corr. “The monitors are lovely. We don’t even need to run them loud on the stage as everything is so clear.”

The Corrs’ front-of-house engineer, Max Bisgrove, wanted a system that would be easy to set up, small enough not to block sight-lines and able to put about 100 dB in every seat of the venue.

“The MSL-6 and MSL-4 combination was the obvious solution to meet all of these requirements,” said James Bamlett, Technical Support Consultant, Meyer Sound Labs. “The long-throw performance of the MSL-6’s would allow the band to play arenas without the need of delay clusters. This would greatly reduce set-up time - both physically hanging the system, and aligning it once it’s in the air. I was able to keep the system small because of the efficiency of self-powered speakers. In fact, when we first rigged it, it looked a little too small. But once we powered it up and achieved the necessary levels, the small appearance of the system was no longer an issue.”

We made our first contact with The Corrs at the 1998 Montreux Jazz Festival, said Bamlett, where they were doing a show in the Miles Davis Hall. The band had previously used a Meyer MSL-4 system rented from Canegreen, and were very happy with it. However, The Corrs’ shared their plans with us [Meyer Sound] that they were looking for an arena system. It was just a matter of meeting their special needs.

Bamlett said that Paul “Mini” Moore, The Corrs’ monitor engineer, requested PSM-2 self-powered monitors be used in the setup because the band loved them at Montreux. Mini was amazed at how little EQ he needed to use on them.

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