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The LEO Family Vision

John MeyerJohn Meyer

Linear Sound … Anywhere You Want It

With LEO we set out to redefine the application of linear systems for live sound. With LYON, we’ve put the power, clarity, precision and headroom of LEO into a smaller, lighter more versatile package.

The LEO Family of self-powered linear systems give you the tools to deliver exactly what your audiences want to hear, as you want them to hear it.

Now, the LEO Family includes LEO-M for very long-throw applications, such as the largest festivals and stadiums, and the new LYON – for just about everything else.

Designed to reproduce the input signal without coloring the sound, LEO Family systems perform with tremendous strength and clarity, even when pushed to the limit. For engineers, this means that every nuance of a mix is reproduced with the utmost clarity regardless of level. Effects created upstream using plugins and digital consoles stay consistent because linear systems are scalable from studio to live, sound check to performance, quiet to loud.

Remarkably Simple. Simply Powerful.

In a linear system, the loudspeaker does just one thing: it faithfully reproduces every sonic element, at any level, without any change in tonality.

Whether you're reproducing classical music, heavy metal, or anything in between, a linear system allows the audience to hear each instrument – vocals, bass, sax, drums, guitar – simultaneously, without any element coloring the other.

We’re Committed to Linearity

Our commitment to advancing the capabilities of linear systems spans nearly four decades, beginning with John Meyer’s early research on low-distortion horns.

Meyer Sound brings the most advanced technology and design experience to the most powerful sound reinforcement systems.

All Meyer Sound systems are developed with the goal of achieving transparent sound and consistent results. We collaborate with engineers and artists, conduct extensive field-testing, and manufacture critical components at our company headquarters in Berkeley, Calif. to bring you advanced audio technology.

Above all, we’re devoted to building solutions that solve the real-world challenges of our customers. This is the power of linearity.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Hear what LEO users are saying about how LEO-M pushes the capabilities of linearity to a whole new level.