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Kenneth Copeland Ministries


1. Gloria Copeland preaching during her healing service.

2. Len Mink and KCM Band in worship

3. Hans sitting on top of 4 MSL-3s with crew member, Phineas Kubayi

4. Tim Page, operations manger for Kenneth Copeland Ministries, doing a sound check.

Delay stack being flown in ICC Durban
Phineas Kubayi & Deon Koekemoer 

Solid Rock Productions recently provided a host of Meyer Sound equipment for the Kenneth Copeland Ministries tour that traveled to Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Included in the pro-audio configuration were 4 MSL-4s, 8 MSL-3s, 2 650-Ps, 2 UPA-1Ps, 1 LD-1A line driver and a CP-10 parametric equalizer.

The two-week tour that started on April 1 began in Durban at the International Convention Centre that attracted in excess of 4,000 attendees per day. At Cape Town's Good Hope Centre the Kenneth Copeland Ministries also drew in a sizable group of 4,000 attendees per day. In the last stop of the tour at Randburg an audience of more than 5,000 individuals per day showed up at the Rhema Ministries.

"The combination of MSL-3s, MSL-4s and the 650-Ps worked perfectly for what we were trying to achieve," said Tim Page, Kenneth Copeland Ministries (USA) operations manager. "At the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town, which is known for its poor acoustics, having very little setup time and poor acoustics would have been a problem, but not with Meyer. With minimal side lobing and predictable Q, it was easy to setup the system with time to spare. Various church leaders also commented on the sound quality and overall production."

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