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Presbyterian Church (USA) - 211th General Assembly


On June 19-26, the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena will host the Presbyterian Church (USA) 211th General Assembly. Attendance for the first Sunday of the Assembly is expected to range between 12,000-14,000 individuals. Business sessions, which will follow during the week, are also expected to host an additional 3,000 people. Providing the loudspeaker equipment for the eight-day event is Bartha A-V Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, who will utilize a self-powered configuration of 20 - MSL-4s, 8 - CQ-1s, 8 - CQ-2s and 8 - UPA-1Ps all flown from a steel grid in the arena.

"The client heard the system at a show a couple of years ago and fell in love with the quality, clarity and gain that the Meyer system delivers," said Jerry Spencer of Bartha A-V, Inc. "It's very important that everyone hears everything that happens, because they are voting on all of the laws that govern the Presbyterian Church Internationally."

"Last year's General Assembly took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. (see image below) A Meyer system was utilized there and worked flawlessly; so, we were invited back to their event this year."

Spencer also pointed out that although the room is a large area to cover, the acoustics are favorable.

"By using the Meyer system we can cover a larger area with fewer speakers, thus giving the client more bang for their buck," he said. "With other loudspeaker cabinets we would have needed a lot more."

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