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Keeping the Faith: Promise Keepers Tour Features Meyer's New MSL-6 Self-Powered Loudspeaker at Selected Stadiums


MSL-6 cluster with MSL-4 front fills 

"We're at the start of a change in the touring industry - a change towards ease and convenience and consistency of sound. Self-powered systems will be the standard for tours in the future," said Ken Porter of Spectrum Sound.

Porter supplied a powerful sound system featuring Meyer Sound's newest and largest Self-Powered Series loudspeaker - the MSL-6 - for the Promise Keepers tours this summer. This tour, which began in mid-May and ran through July, included five appearances in large stadiums, including the Houston Astrodome, the Seattle King Dome, and Rich Stadium in Buffalo. Audiences ranged from 32,000 to 60,000.

"The Meyer system worked really well," said Porter. "The self-powered system was easy to set up and provided very good coverage. I've got it out working on another tour right now."

"I like the MSL-6," said Barret Bassick, an associate at Solstice Company, and the designer of the Promise Keepers' sound system. "I wouldn't hesitate to use it again. It's a very good mid-to-high system. We flew the MSL-6s in rigid, left/right arrays three over three, with four MSL-4s below. Sometimes we used two more MSL-4s as front fills." Bassick aligned the system using SIM System II, Meyer's acoustic measurement system.

For the Promise Keepers appearances, the main system featured twelve MSL-6 Self-Powered Loudspeakers and eight MSL-4 Self-Powered Loudspeakers. The event at the Houston Astrodome was the first event in the U.S. to feature the new MSL-6. Each event featured eight loudspeakers, a live band with singers, and a large choir.

"My compliments to John Meyer and his engineering team for the TruPower limiting system they developed for these loudspeakers," Bassick continued. "I was taking measurements, so I know the system was limiting, but I couldn't hear the system was limiting. These self-powered loudspeakers work very well."

TruPower from Meyer Sound is the first limiting technology that accurately measures power dissipation inside a loudspeaker, limiting power only when absolutely necessary, allowing the speaker to deliver maximum dynamic power, safely and consistently. Unlike conventional limiting technologies, TruPower monitors the true consumption of the loudspeaker, incorporating the real time impedance of the speaker into its power calculation. The result is an extremely accurate estimation of voice coil temperature, affording greater long-term protection, while eliminating excess compression.

June, 1999





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