Spain's Festival Espárrago Rock Attracts Top-Billed Talent Meyer Sound System Provided by Tuabular


"In this outdoor venue, no delays were needed thanks to the Meyer Sound system."

- Germán Rodriguez
SIM Engineer

The 13th annual Festival Internacional Espárrago 2001 Rock Festival in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) offered another amazing year of top-billed talent including artists such as Beck, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Neil Young and the James Taylor Quartet. With an attendance of 20,000-plus music fans over the duration of the three-day outdoor Festival, which spanned July 13 to 15, Espárrago Rock delivered a weekend-long entertainment schedule that thrilled the masses at the Circuito de Velocidad with a variety of cutting-edge music and hot talent.

Providing the sound reinforcement for the international event was Tuabular from Baeza (Jaen) of Paco Vilches, who provided a main system of six Meyer Sound M3D Line Array Loudspeakers flown per side to cover the 100-meter venue. In addition, three MSL-4 full range loudspeakers were ground stacked per side along with four M3D-Subwoofers per side.

Says SIM® Engineer Germán Rodriguez, "In this outdoor venue, no delays were needed thanks to the Meyer Sound system. We flew the M3D-Subs at 10 meters per side and this aided greatly in covering the low-end frequencies throughout the Circuito de Velocidad."

To prepare for the Festival, Meyer Sound's SIM System II was employed to align the system, utilizing a series of measurement microphones at 20, 30 and 80-meter positions. RMS Engineer Luis Miguel Cortés of Meyer Sound Spain contributed to the technical success of the Festival productions.

July, 2001







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