M3D will Celebrate South Africa in London's Trafalger Sq.


1. Buena Vista

2. Dratchen, Netherlands

3. Trafalgar Square

4. Abbey Road Studios

France: January 2001

Lyon Light Rail: The City of Lyon, France, recently commissioned San Francisco sound artist Bill Fontana to provide a distinctively Lyonais sound sculpture for the listening pleasure of city commuters on its new light rail system. Fontana asked Meyer Sound to help with the system design, which had to overcome the difficulties presented by the reproduction of the unique source material above the occasionally high, ambient noise levels and the constrictions of loudspeaker size and placement. Meyer engineers developed a completely new loudspeaker system, the MM-4, specifically to suit these requirements. The MM-4 is a 4" cube within which is mounted a 3.5" custom-designed cone driver and necessary control electronics. The entire system covers 18 stations throughout the Lyon area, through which Fontana's pastiche of live city sounds and hard-disk-stored, "sound memories" flow. The complete system was supplied by Meyer Sound distributors, Best Audio of Tremblay en France.

View S&VCs article French Connections which gives a full account of this installation.

Germany: January 2001

A-ha Tour: For the first time in 6 years, the Norwegian band, A-Ha, went on tour following the spring '00 release of their comeback CD, "Minor Earth Major Sky." The tour started in Japan in late August, and resumed this past November for a 2-month stint through Germany, for which Hannover's own Rock Sound supplied 6 MSL-6s, 24 MSL-4s, 12 DS-2s, 8 CQ-1s, 8 CQ-2s and 24 650-Ps. For the band's Norwegian fans, a 3-date, March 2001 concert in Oslo's Valhall football stadium was recently scheduled, and is already sold out.

Live from Buena Vista: Luiz Frank and his Traditional Habana along with members of the Buena Vista Social Club have been touring through Germany in "Live from Buena Vista," using a Meyer system comprised of 6-14 MSL-4s, 8 UPA-1As, 4 UPM-1Ps, 2 USW-1Ps and 6 PSM-2s. Billed by Gabriel Concerts as "Cuban Music and Poetry from the Legendary Quarter of Havanna," the tour stopped in 24 German cities from September 11 to December 12, and resumes January 19 for its spring leg. Front of House engineer is Reiner Bodenstein, monitor engineer, Michael Mayer, and system engineer, Michael Enchelmaier.

Sweden: January 2001

Meyer Sound Seminar in Gothenburg. January 15-19, 2001, Etech and Gothenburg Musik City hosted a Meyer Sound Self-Powered Systems Optimization Seminar at the Musik City headquarters. Attended by 12 sound engineers, the week-long course was taught by Meyer Sound's Mauricio Ramirez and covered topics such as measurement techniques, conventional & processed loudspeaker systems, self-powered loudspeaker systems and specifications, loudspeaker arrays, subwoofer directivity behavior, subwoofer coupling and line driver usage.

Etech, also known as Event Technologies, is a leading event production, sound reinforcement and rental company based southwest of Stockholm. Its CEO, Anders Molund, had this to say about the seminar's value to the attending engineers: "We are extremely happy to have Mauricio here. Everybody is learning a lot, and will be able to do our jobs better for having been here. It's not just a product presentation, but a real school offering practical information that even an experienced sound man can take home and use."

Kenneth Melldén, CEO of the busy rental company Gothenburg Musik City, co-presenting the seminar, praised Meyer Sound's demonstrated multi-leveled service approach, saying, "I've owned Meyer Sound speakers since 1989. In all this time, the systems have never let us down. I also appreciate the fact that Meyer Sound continues to train my employees and customers to properly use the systems. The continual marketing support as well as the technical support goes a long way."

MTV's Stockholm performances: Event Technologies Scandinavia, known as ETECH for short, assisted MTV Sweden mount live performances at Stockholm's Kulturhuset this past November, using a variety of Meyer Sound Self-Powered loudspeaker systems. Translated "culture house," the Kulturhuset is a large multiplex located in Stockholm's city center, housing theatres, club venues, exhibition halls, restaurants and cafés. MTV Sweden had events running simultaneously on 2 stages (SELECT and LIVE stages), for taped and live broadcast performances on MTV Europe's satellite TV channel.

ETECH provided a system comprised of Meyer Sound MSL-4s and 650R2s for main reinforcement with UM-1 monitors on stage. On the SELECT stage, situated in a ground floor room with large panoramic windows, audiences indoors and out saw an "unplugged" set of performances featuring well-known Swedish recording artists such as MEJA. This acoustic series was broadcast "live" on MTV Europe, and lasted approximately one week, November 12-17. On the LIVE stage, audiences watched and enjoyed performances and interviews of a variety of Swedish musicians for 4 days (Nov. 11-14), and saw the "Ericsson Make Yourself Heard Awards," an amateur band and artist contest held this the same week as the "MTV Europe Music Awards 2000." This was videotaped for a later MTV broadcast.

MTV Awards View Party: In the Arenan theatre, located in the Stockholm suburb of Fryhuset, ETECH provided Meyer UM-1 monitors and PSW-4 subwoofers for the overflow of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2000 view party held in Stockholm's Globe Theatre. The awards show festivities were shown on large video screens, and supplemented with DJs and live music from groups like Sweden's Hardcore Superstars.

Rikard Wolff Tour: A full system comprised of Meyer MSL-4s and PSW-4s provided by ETECH has been "on the road" with actor/singer Rikard Wolff's "Recital Barbara" tour since October 27. The show features Wolff plus a string quartet and four-piece band. The tour stopped in more than 30 cities in Norway and Sweden, and concluded on December 21.

The Netherlands: January 2001

Drachten, The Netherlands: An Independent Baptist Church in Drachten recently consulted with Hof Audio of Haren, Holland, for advice on acoustics, soud reinforcement and lighting techniques, as they prepared to outfit their newly-built, 1200-seat facility for the drama, musical and mime performances that have become integral to their weekly services. Though Hof Audio is well known in the area as a provider of Meyer Sound equipment, several loudspeaker systems from major manufacturers were evaluated together, and the church chose a system from Meyer, consisting of: 2 left and right UPA-1Ps, 2 more UPA-1Ps for delay, 2 UPM-1Ps for under-balcony fill, and 2 USW-1P subs.

United Kingdom: April 2001

London April 26, 2001--This weekend, Meyer's new M3D Line Array Loudspeaker System with BroadbandQ will provide sound to an expected audience of 30,000 for the Celebrate South Africa concert extravaganza in Trafalgar Square. The concert is the highlight of London's two-month festival celebrating South African culture and honoring the country's independence with dance, live music, comedy, theatre and carnivals throughout the city. Areas surrounding the square, where seven famous London streets converge, will be closed to traffic -- making room for those anxious to hear Nelson Mandela; concert headliners REM, The Corrs, Dave Stewart and Mel B; and a host of jazz and pop artists including Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Baba Maal and Atomic Kitten.

A total of sixteen Meyer M3Ds will hang in two line arrays thirty-six-feet above either side of the stage set, which will be located at the foot of Nelson's column in the center of the plaza and will face England's National Gallery. A set of three Meyer MSL-4s and six 650-P subs will be stacked below each M3D array for near-field coverage. Frontfill will be supplied by eight Meyer UPA-1Ps mounted just below the stage, and three MSL-4s and one MSL-6 will be mounted with each of the the left and right front video screens as delay systems. Meyer PSM-2s will serve as stage monitors, and four UPM-1Ps will cover the South Africa House balcony where Nelson Mandela will address the crowd and enjoy the concert with Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth.

Sound for Celebrate South Africa will be provided by London's Canegreen. All of the musicians and speakers are appearing free of charge to benefit the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and The Prince's Trust, and will end the four-hour event with a group sing-along of the South African national anthem.

London: In its 70th year, world famous Abbey Road Studios continues to pursue excellence with the purchase of a pair of Meyer X-10 self-powered high-resolution linear control room monitors for its newly refurbished Mastering Room 7. After much discussion and exhaustive tests of several monitor systems, the X-10s were chosen for their low distortion, excellent imaging, superior sound quality and full audio spectrum at low monitor levels.Commenting on responses to the demos, Mastering Engineer Nick Webb says, "All the clients I've worked with have been extremely positive and complimentary about them." Webb expects that the X-10s will provide high definition and clarity for the variety of projects he and fellow-engineers will master, adding, "We're confident our clients will feel comfortable with what they hear, and happy to return with future projects."

Abbey Road's Mastering Room 7 has produced such diverse projects as: Stereolab, Texas, Papa M, Fugazi, P.J. Harvey, The Cure, Oasis and John Lennon's Imagine remix. The X-10 systems were sold by London-based Meyer distributor, Autograph Sales Ltd.

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