Hong Kong Indie Band Stages a Captivating Theatrical Concert with Meyer Sound and Audio Dynamic

From left to right: Tse Kam Po, Sung Ka Hang, Lee Hoi Fai, and Yuen Cheuk Wa

Photos by Yuen Hon Wai are used with permission.

"The Matrix3 is a fully automated and flexible system that allows me to work smoothly and easily as a sound designer, and this is what other systems do not offer. The Matrix3 really helps to realize a sound artist's imagination."

- Yuen Cheuk Wa
Sound Designer and Performer, An Eternal Golden Braid

On February 21-22, Hong Kong music group Primary Shapes starred in An Eternal Golden Braid, an original, thought-provoking theatrical concert rarely found in the Hong Kong art scene. The music duo captivated the audience with original songs, stunning visual content and inspired prose, as well as a dynamic soundscape delivered through Meyer Sound loudspeakers, Matrix3 audio show control, and CueConsole modular control surface.

A featured program in this year's Hong Kong Art Festival, An Eternal Golden Braid was staged at the 400-seat Drama Theatre of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. For the band—comprised of singer-composer Tang Chi Wai and sound designer-writer-performer Yuen Cheuk Wa—the production was a means to celebrate their tenth anniversary through a creative exploration of human relationships.

Yuen has years of experience using Meyer Sound equipment, both as a sound designer and as a Matrix3 programmer for a variety of productions in Hong Kong and China. Along with Tse Kam Po and Lee Hoi Fai, associate sound designers and Academy for Performing Arts students, Yuen created an immersive audience experience for the show using the spatialization capabilities of the SpaceMap multichannel surround panning. The Wild Tracks hard disk playback was used to manage complex cues which included sensor-triggered samples. Sound Engineer Sung Ka Hang handled FOH mixing duties using a CueConsole, with Yuen taking charge of firing some cues on a laptop while he was performing onstage.

"The Matrix3 is a fully automated and flexible system that allows me to work smoothly and easily as a sound designer, and this is what other systems do not offer," says Yuen. "The Matrix3 really helps to realize a sound artist's imagination."

The sound of the show was presented in full 5.1 surround, with the main left-center-right system comprising arrays of four M'elodie line array loudspeakers each. Three additional M'elodie loudspeakers were mounted at stage lip for frontfills. Sub-bass was supplied by one 600-HP subwoofer in the pit, and two UPA-1P loudspeakers on each side served as the discrete rear surrounds. System processing was handled by a Galileo loudspeaker management system.

Scheduling was a challenge for production, as the group had only a few days to spend in the theatre between move-in and the first show. "System setup began on Wednesday and it had to be up and running by Thursday night," says Yuen. "There was no room for any technical failures. With the reliability of a Meyer Sound system, this was not an issue."

Equipment support was jointly provided by Meyer Sound and Audio Dynamic, the sole agent for Meyer Sound equipment in Hong Kong. As Paul Poon of Audio Dynamic reports, it was an easy decision to take part in the Art Festival event. "It has been one of our goals to help develop the local audio industry," says Poon. "Through supporting the area's performing arts and audio education initiatives, we look forward to seeing higher quality standards and heightened interest in sound reinforcement locally."

For Primary Shapes, the production provided an opportunity to satisfy the artists' creative urge. "To be able to express your ideas and emotions is a true pleasure," says Yuen. "And we're very grateful for the support from Meyer Sound and Audio Dynamic, as well as the Academy students involved."

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is the city's annual, multi-venue arts event serving as a catalyst to arouse wider public interest in the arts and to encourage artistic dialogue and cultural exchange. This year's festival was held February 6 – March 8, featuring theatrical productions, piano and organ recitals, ballet, and Beijing opera performances.

March, 2009






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