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350,000 Celebrate Experience Gospel Concert in Lagos with GQ Acoustics and Meyer Sound


"What I heard was amazing. GQ Acoustics more than pulled it off, and Meyer Sound is really the winner."

- Karo Agono
Technical Director, House On The Rock

A powerful Meyer Sound MILO and MICA line array loudspeaker system delivered 11 hours of uninterrupted prayer and music to an unprecedented crowd of 350,000 at the annual Experience Interdenominational Gospel Concert, reported on its website as the largest concert in Africa and the largest gospel musical event in the world.

Staged at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos, Nigeria, the massive musical extravaganza brought together worshippers from throughout Africa to revel in performances by award-winning artists including Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Don Moen, Fred Hammond, Kurt Carr, Chevelle Franklyn, Gospel duo Mary Mary, and UK-based recording artist and radio presenter, Muyiwa Olarewaju.

Provided by GQ Acoustics, the main sound system deployed left and right arrays of ten Meyer Sound MILO loudspeakers each, augmented by side arrays of 12 MICA loudspeakers per side. Low frequencies were covered by nine 700-HP subwoofers per side, along with two more at center stage, all configured in cardioid formation to prevent low-frequency buildup near the stage. Six UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers provided frontfill, while a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 616 processors covered system processing.

As GQ's Peter Iriah explains, covering the vast expanse of the venue was a challenge that the Meyer Sound system sufficiently met. "We were initially a bit concerned about covering such a wide area, and had originally considered a system design that would include five different delay stacks," he says. "But when we turned on the system, the combined coverage of the MILO and MICA arrays made the extra delay stacks unnecessary, and we decided to remove them."

Onstage, 16 MJF-212A stage monitors, four MTS-4A full-range loudspeakers, and four USW-1P subwoofers covered the performers. System design was handled by Meyer Sound's technical consultant Dave Dennison using the MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction program.

Karo Agono, technical director of House On The Rock, a partner congregation of the event, says: "What I heard was amazing. GQ Acoustics more than pulled it off, and Meyer Sound is really the winner."

Iriah points to Meyer Sound's Cliff Eldridge, Dave Dennison, and Mike Cooper as instrumental to the event's success. "No other company provides such a level of support for its products. Meyer Sound has always been there for us, at every major undertaking. The quality of their products is only matched by the veracity of their support."

February, 2009









Galileo 616

MAPP Online Pro

Concert Video Highlights

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