Constellation and MINA Front and Center for Meyer Sound at Sound:Check Xpo


Sound:Check XPO

World Trade Center Mexico City
March 20-22, 2011

Salon Tolteca II

Demonstration Schedule
Salon Tolteca II

12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00,
4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00

AES Presentations
Mezzanine / Salon Palenque

Directivity Patterns in Linear
and Curvilinear Arrays
with Mauricio Ramirez

Sunday, March 20 / 1:00pm

Constellation Acoustic System:
Creating Optimal Acoustics for
Different Performance Types in
a Modern Multi-Purpose Venue
with John Pellowe

Tuesday, March 22 / 1:00pm

For the first time in Latin America, Meyer Sound will host public demonstrations of the immersive Constellation acoustic system and the ultra-compact MINA self-powered line array loudspeaker at Sound:Check Xpo. The listening sessions will be held at the top of every hour in demo room Salon Tolteca II.

The Constellation demos will feature live musicians, with vocals and instrumentation showcased in acoustic environments from intimate recital halls to cavernous cathedrals. John Pellowe, Meyer Sound's Constellation project director and Grammy-winning engineer will be on hand to conduct the presentations. The first permanent installation of Constellation in Latin America recently went online at Chile's Teatro Municipal de las Condes, joining the ranks of other world-class live venues including the Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley, the Nokia Concert Hall in Tallinn, Estonia, and more.

Compact Line Array
"Latin America's diverse performance culture is a natural fit to the acoustical flexibility offered by Constellation," says Antonio Zacarias, director of Latin American sales at Meyer Sound. "We are very excited to showcase Latin America the Constellation technology and its ability to transform a listening experience."

The compact MINA line array loudspeaker measures less than a half-meter wide and weighs only 18.69 kg, yet produces up to 128 dB SPL at one meter across an operating frequency range of 66 Hz to 18 kHz. MINA shares the same exceptional intelligibility as its larger siblings, the MILO, MICA, and M'elodie line array loudspeakers. The MINA system will be demonstrated at Sound:Check Xpo with the compact 500-HP subwoofer.

Also to be featured at the Meyer Sound demo room are the D-Mitri digital audio platform and the JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker. Recipient of a 2011 InAVation Award, D-Mitri is an extremely flexible digital audio platform operating in a true networked environment. The JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker system combines prodigious power with precise horizontal control in tightly packed arrays, ideal for a range of nightclub and theater applications.

Meyer Sound will participate in the educational program in association with the Mexico City chapter of the Audio Engineering Society. On Sunday, March 20, Mauricio Ramirez will lead a session on "Directivity Patterns in Linear and Curvilinear Arrays", followed on Tuesday, March 22, by John Pellowe's presentation: "Constellation Acoustic System: Creating Optimal Acoustics for Different Performance Types in a Modern Multi-Purpose Venue."

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