Video: One Direction FOH Engineer Mark Littlewood on LEO


"Mix with your ears, and not with your eyes. I'm probably as guilty as anybody on this, but I tend to mix looking at a screen, which is totally wrong. You should listen to the PA." – Mark Littlewood, FOH Engineer, One Direction

Watch this interview with Mark Littlewood, One Direction's FOH engineer. Mark sat with us to talk about mixing the tour that was just named Billboard's Top Tour of 2015.

The UK sound engineer honed his skills with leading rental company Wigwam Acoustics before taking his mixing skills on the road some 20 years ago. For the latest, sold-out One Direction tour, Littlewood went with a Meyer Sound LEO Family sound reinforcement system. We caught up with Littlewood before he wrapped the European leg of the 2015 One Direction tour.

November, 2015






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