Massive Meyer System Installed at Japan's
Cutting-Edge Nakano Sun Plaza

The Meyer Sound File - Summer 1997

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Audiences at Tokyo's Nakano Sun Plaza should have no difficulty hearing performances from any of the hall’s 2,222 seats: the hall recently installed a massive new sound system, featuring some of Meyer Sound’s most powerful loudspeakers: MSL-4s, MSL-5s, and MSL-10s.

Built in 1973, Nakano Sun Plaza has long been known as a hall with good acoustics and innovative sound systems. Over the years, international acts such as Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and Manhattan Transfer have performed in the hall, preferring its acoustics to those of larger arenas. When the hall opened, it was exceptional in Japan for not having a proscenium arch. In 1984, the hall attracted public attention for introducing the first flying cluster in a fixed installation in Japan. More recently, the hall has earned a reputation for exposed speaker clusters and an ability to handle high powered sound.

"The Nakano's new sound system is large enough to accommodate a much larger venue, even an arena," says Mike Cooper, Director of Asia/Pacific Sales at Meyer Sound. "The hall's MSL-4s alone could cover the entire room. But there are advantages to using a large, powerful concert system in a small room. The theater's engineers are able to get all the power they need, without ever stressing any components. There is an extreme amount of headroom in the system, which results in high reliability and exceptionally good sound quality."

Atsushi Nakanishi and Koichi Kimura, the chief sound engineers at Nakano Sun Plaza, were responsible for selecting the hall's new Meyer system.

"Various SR companies from all over the country visit this theater," they explained. "In many cases, they bring their own sound systems. The opinions and experiences of the operators from the SR companies guided us in our decision to choose Meyer." Nakanishi and Kimura were impressed by the sound quality, power, and reliability of the Meyer system.

"We're very happy with the system's sound quality," Nakanishi explains. "In particular, we're pleased that the system's frequency doesn't change, regardless of the size of the input power. We've had problems before with systems that change frequency when the power changes. We don't have that problem with this system."

Nakanishi continues: "We are pleased to have such a wide range of loudspeakers, from UPAs to MSL-10s. With this variety, we can produce a wide range of frequencies, consistently and reliably."

The hall's main sound system is built around Meyer Sound's Concert Series Loudspeakers, the MSL-5 and the MSL-10, and consists of three clusters flown left, right, and center. The center cluster features four MSL-5 loudspeakers, four DS-2 mid-bass loudspeakers, and four 650-R2 subwoofers. Each side cluster features four MSL-10 loudspeakers, six DS-2 mid-bass loudspeakers, and four 650-R2 subwoofers.

"The MSL-5 and MSL-10 are long-throw loudspeakers," says Cooper. "They're almost always used for outdoor concerts or for large venues like arenas. It's quite a surprise to walk into a concert hall this size and find MSL-5s and MSL-10s in the arrays. Acts performing at Nakano will always have all the power they need, and sound from the system will always reach every seat in the house. The coverage this system produces is exceptional."

The hall's monitor system boasts a correspondingly large array of hardware. Ten stacks, each with an MSL-4 loudspeaker and PSW-4 subwoofer, are complemented by four USW-1s, four UPA-1Cs, and four UM-1Cs. Four HD-1 near-field monitors are installed in the theater's control room.

The Nakano Sun Plaza's new sound system was installed by Yamaha Sound Technologies, Inc. Once the system was installed, engineers from Acoustic Technical Laboratory, Inc., Meyer Sound's distributor in Japan, aligned the system using SIM® System II.

"Everything about this installation is first rate," says Cooper. "The rigging, the wiring, the tuning, and, of course, the components themselves. This is a theater that has gone out of its way to obtain the very best. This new sound system can't help but further Nakano Sun Plaza's reputation as a hall with excellent acoustics, state-of-the-art technology, and the highest quality sound."