Open Source

GPL License for Linux Based Software

Certain software components or “kernels” embedded in Meyer Sound professional audio products use the Linux operating system (Linux Based Software). Such Linux Based Software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 ("GPL, v2 license") that permit you to copy, modify and redistribute the Linux Based Software, and that require that any copy of such Linux Based Software distributed to you by Meyer Sound be distributed on the terms of the GPL, v.2 license. A copy of the GPL, v.2 license, can be found at Please review the terms and conditions of this license.

Consistent with the GPL, v.2 license, you may use, copy, modify, and distribute the Linux Based Software and the source code for such software for any purpose, provided that any copy you publish contain the original copyright notices on the software and a disclaimer of warranty as required by the GPL, v.2 license. If any provision of this or any other permission or license granted with respect to the Linux Based Software conflicts with the GPL, v.2 license, the provisions of the GPL, v.2 license shall control.

How to Obtain a List of and Source Code for Linux Based Software

A list of the affected Meyer Sound products and the Linux Based Software contained therein can be found on the following Meyer Sound web page: Complete machine-readable copies of the listed Linux Based Software can be accessed from this web site at no charge.

To the extent the GPL, v.2 License obligates Meyer Sound to separately send you a machine readable copy of the source code for the applicable Linux Based Software, you may obtain a copy on a CD or other customarily used media by contacting Meyer Sound at You may be charged a modest fee for obtaining copies of the source code in this manner to cover postage and handling costs. This offer is good for three years from the date you receive any Meyer Sound product containing the Linux Based Software, or any update to the software.