Low-Frequency Control Element


Take Control of Low Frequencies

Feel the Power

Exceptional headroom yields low-frequency clarity at extreme operating levels.

Not Your Typical Subwoofer

Built from the ground up for ultra-low distortion so you can hear the full dynamic range of instruments.

Energy Where You Want It

A perfect combination of linearity and power gives you total flexibility and control in low-end directivity system design.

1100-LFC Stack

Self-Powered Advantage

Self-powered technology eliminates amplifier racks, long loudspeaker cables, and any calibration of gain and crossover settings. The system can be rigged and ready in minutes.

Bringing the Linearity Concept to Low End

Inside and Out, Designed to Handle Exceptional Power

An optimally tuned, vented cabinet houses the 1100‑LFC’s two linear, high-excursion 18 inch cone drivers.


Rugged Enclosure Built for the Road

Cabinet of multi-ply hardwood with hex-stamped, steel grille shield the unit's drivers. Plastic skids on the cabinet bottom protect the system from wear and tear.

1100-LFC Stack

Stack or fly?
Basic Sub Array or Cardioid System?
Your Call.

Units can be stacked or flown all front-facing or with some reversed to steer low-frequency energy to where it’s needed.

1100-LFC Stack

Streamlined Workflow

MAPP XT acoustic prediction program enables users to design low-frequency configurations with exceptional accuracy. RMS remote monitoring streamlines the real-time monitoring of system performance.



1100-LFC Solutions

Electronic Dance Music

With the tremendous performance of the 1100‑LFCs, the system provided an amazing experience for the crowd—from the front of the stage to the very back of the venue.

Wulf IssingerCo-Managing Director, schokopro


In my first listen of the 1100‑LFC, I was standing 15 feet away in a small room of about 30 by 40 feet. As the 1100‑LFC gracefully reproduced the low frequencies, my stomach and clothes jumped around to the rhythm of the music. At high and at low SPLs, instead of hearing the common straining of the components, I heard a very musical sound with the dynamic depth of the instruments. I immediately put the 1100‑LFC on one of my shows and I am extremely happy with this decision.

Jonathan DeansSound Designer


It's great to finally have a system with enough headroom so that we can push it hard when needed, and have it respond with a smooth increase in gain, without distorting or changing the tonality.

Bob MeyersPrincipal Audio Engineer at The Crossing

Event Rentals

The main reason I bought the 1100‑LFCs was to get more power with a smaller truck pack. But I was pleasantly surprised at how good they sound. It’s a quality hard to put into words, but they have a bigger feel, with more warmth and purity.

George RellesOwner of George Relles Sound

Rock Music

I really liked the 1100‑LFC. At soundcheck, when we first turned them on, I looked at my systems tech and said, Wow, these are really tight, right out of the box.

Joseph WalshFOH engineer, Dukes of September