Compact Low-Frequency Control Element


Rethink Low-End Clarity

Low-Frequency Immersion Starts with Low Distortion

The 900‑LFC is unlike typical subwoofers. A completely neutral loudspeaker with ultralow distortion, it adds no sonic signature of its own and reveals the audio source with the precision and power to immerse an audience.

Trim the Size, Not the Punch

The 900‑LFC brings the low-end control and impact of its larger sibling, 1100‑LFC, to a compact package. For all projects including those with limited floor space, you no longer have to settle for "good enough."

Take Command of Low-Frequency Coverage

A combination of consistency and headroom gives you total flexibility and control in low-end directivity system design.

900-LFC Array

Self-Powered Advantage

Self-powered technology eliminates amplifier racks, long loudspeaker cables, and any calibration of gain and crossover settings. The system can be rigged and ready in minutes.

A Faithful Partner for Low Frequencies

Tight Performance Right Out of the Box

A dual-driven amplifier and an entirely redesigned driver provide maximum acoustic power efficiency.


Steer Low Frequencies Where You Want Them

The 900‑LFC with its linear performance and box-to-box consistency affords users a powerful tool for implementing basic subwoofer arrays and cardioid systems.

900-LFC Array

An Adaptable Workhorse

In both basic and directional applications, the 900‑LFC is ideally matched to LEOPARD arrays. It also integrates well with other systems including LEO, LYON, and Ultra series.

900-LFC Array

Robust and Roadworthy

The 900‑LFC can be flown in LEOPARD arrays without a transition frame.

900-LFC Stack

900-LFC Solution

As an industry, we are accustomed to subwoofers carrying a distinct harmonic tone. This 'sound' of any subwoofer becomes part of how a product is evaluated. Linear loudspeakers lack this enhancement, and are measured by their ability to precisely reproduce the electronic signals without altering the sonic characteristics. Bringing Meyer Sound's linear technology and our advances in loudspeaker headroom and peak level control to the low-frequency domain is an exciting direction for us.

John MeyerCEO of Meyer Sound