Features & Benefits


Designed to augment the Acheron 80 & 100 screen channel loudspeakers in larger venues

Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy

Exceptional clarity and extended headroom

Self-powered design provides ease of installation and reliability


Larger theatres

Re-recording stages

Screening rooms

As part of the EXP line of cinema products, the Acheron LF loudspeaker can be paired with the Acheron 80 or Acheron 100 screen channel loudspeaker to deliver the low-frequency headroom required by larger theatres. The self-powered Acheron LF with dual 15-inch drivers boosts the headroom on the LCR channels by converting each Acheron loudspeaker to a system with three low-frequency drivers in an aligned column.

The unique multi-way, gradated design offers smooth coverage and maximum low-frequency impact with all drivers active at the lowest frequencies and each rolling off, one at a time, via the integral active crossover. This technique eliminates interference between drivers that would otherwise occur at shorter wavelengths, enabling the system to maintain ideal polar, phase, and frequency responses throughout the low and low-mid operating ranges. As a result, the system can deliver the necessary power to completely fill a large theatre with rich, clean sound, thereby ensuring that the full intensity and nuance so carefully crafted into todayĺs movie soundtracks reach every listener without compromise.

The Acheron LF was designed exclusively for use with Acheron loudspeakers. The Acheron LF's 37 Hz to 370 Hz operating frequency range and 136 dB maximum peak SPL were carefully chosen to compliment the Acheron. The Acheron LF also features the same high-power 15-inch cone driver used in the low frequency section of the Acheron. Engineered to deliver optimum performance, the high-excursion, back- vented drivers include 4-inch voice coils and are housed in a tuned, vented enclosure that shares the same rectangular footprint as the Acheron.

The Acheron LF is powered by an onboard two-channel class AB/H amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages. Total output power is 2250 W (4500 W peak) and provides the system with enough headroom to easily accommodate the extreme demands of digital soundtracks.

The optional RMS remote monitoring system allows comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Windows-based computer.

Strategically placed 3/8-inch threaded points on the side corners of the Acheron LF cabinet allow the unit to be secured to floors using optional floor mount brackets. The Acheron can also be mounted on top of the Acheron LF loudspeaker, with uptilt or downtilt, using the optional stacking brackets.

Meyer Sound design services is available to review cinema system designs to ensure that they meet SMPTE standards, as well as review specific designs created for cinema sound formats such as Atmos or Auro 3D.

To submit your design for review or for any questions about EXP cinema system designs, contact exp@meyersound.com.


Acheron 80 with Acheron LF:


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