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The close spacing of independently controlled drivers combined with proprietary signal processing enables accurate beam forming.

CAL comes in three models, each providing a different maximum output level over an operating frequency range of 100 Hz to 16 kHz. Providing horizontal coverage of 120 degrees and the flexibility of digital beam steering for the vertical coverage, a single, unobtrusive CAL loudspeaker can provide clear vocal reproduction over a large area while minimizing undesirable reflections.

CAL achieves this by using a separate onboard Class D power amplifier for every driver and tweeter, controlled by extremely sophisticated algorithms. Controlling each element individually yields greater flexibility and precision than other beamsteering systems that control modules consisting of several drivers.

In addition, the CAL 64 and CAL 96 offer beamsplitting, with upper and lower beams individually adjustable for both vertical coverage and off-axis angle. The amplitude and phase response of each driver are engineered to produce interactions with the other drivers that result in the desired vertical coverage pattern. While this involves a large number of sophisticated mathematical computations, Meyer Sound makes it easy to configure CAL loudspeakers with the Compass control software that communicates with each unit via ethernet. Compass also includes RMS for real-time monitoring of each loudspeaker on the network.

Flexible mounting options allow users to mount CAL loudspeakers against walls or columns, and custom colors ensure they will blend into any background. Weather protection is standard and permits outdoor installations, making it easy to integrate CAL loudspeakers into any environment.




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