A Next Generation Cinema Experience

I'm very impressed with the effortless power and clarity of sound of the Meyer Sound cinema system. If only every theatre had a system like this they would have the same remarkable experience I have on my stage.”

- Francis Ford Coppola
Academy Award-winning Film Director
Producer and Writer,
Apocalypse Now,
The Godfather I, II & III,
The Conversation

With advanced consumer electronics expanding entertainment options at home, it's tougher than ever to get audiences out to the movies. When they do come, today's movie-goers bring with them a new set of expectations shaped by high definition home theatres. It's not enough anymore that the movie theatre experience simply be different from watching at homeit has to be better. To keep customers coming back, theatres must deliver a totally engaging experience, one that immerses and thrills.

Delivers Rich, Immersive Sound

Digital cinema will give every theatre the potential to present the rich, exciting sound audiences crave. But to realize that potential, a theatre's sound system must be able to reproduce 21st-century soundtracks in their full glory. And it will also have to deliver a convincing immersive experience for 3D and simulcasts. That's where Meyer Sound comes in.

A Complete, Integrated Cinema Sound Line

Meyer Sound's new EXP is a complete, integrated cinema sound line offering precise coverage and plenty of headroom. Our screen channel loudspeakers, surrounds, subwoofers, and electronics work together to deliver remarkable clarity, power, and transparency. From sound design and dubbing through to exhibition, we provide a consistent, linear platform that reproduces soundtracks exactly as they were intended to be heardwhich is exactly how today's audiences want to hear them. If you're intent on keeping your theatre experience competitive, it's time to listen to Meyer Sound.

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