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SpaceMap Multichannel Surround Panning


Surround applications are a D-Mitri specialty. The unique SpaceMap algorithm defines a panning space as a series of contiguous triangles defined by three nodes and referred to as “trisets.” Panning within each triset is equal power, and SpaceMap provides extensive control over the behavior of each triset's nodes. Physical loudspeakers are represented by speaker nodes, but virtual nodes and silent nodes provide solutions that ensure smooth panning for any trajectory you wish a sound to traverse.

The real power of SpaceMap, however, is that trajectories are defined entirely separately from the physical loudspeaker system. The two become related when trajectories are calculated for the physical layout, which happens "on the fly." To give one example of what this means, a road production can move to a new theatre and the sound system operator need only adjust SpaceMap nodes to reflect the new physical loudspeaker layout; all panning trajectories will be recalculated on playback for the new setup, even if the number of loudspeakers or output channels has changed.

SpaceMap provides true two-dimensional panning, in fact, it is even capable of three-dimensional panning. Thus, even with complex multichannel setups consisting of loudspeakers placed all around a venue, SpaceMap provides a simple and accurate way of placing sound where you want it.



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D-Mitri is a broad platform on which Meyer Sound can build audio show control, active acoustics, or any number of other networked audio applications.


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