High-Power Stage Monitor


A New Breed of Monitoring Power

Bold Engineering for an Instant Classic

Our most powerful stage monitor, the MJF-212A reaches uncharted levels of onstage headroom and accuracy. It leads a new family of stage wedges that redefine high-performance monitoring once and for all.

Musical and Powerful

The MJF-212A moves lots of air with astounding clarity, particularly helpful in high-level drum monitoring and other applications with extreme output demands.

As Plug-and-Play as It Gets

The self-powered MJF-212A eliminates external amplifiers for faster setup and more efficient workflow so engineers can focus all energy on the talent.

MJF-212A Rear

The Comfort of Consistency

Meyer Sound's self-powered systems eliminate the variables of different amps, making it easier for engineers to put the artist at ease and achieve a consistent mix show after show. The optional MDM-832 distribution module provides a dependable and convenient way to route AC power, audio, and RMS signals.


MJF-212A Solutions

Stage Monitors that Sound Like Studio Monitors

It's nice to have stage monitors that sound like studio monitors. I'm running all the mixes out of the D1 flat, other than some minor EQ adjustments I make to the vocal mixes during the show. The MJF-212A wedges make my job easy.

Peter ThompsonMonitor Engineer, Steely Dan Tour

Loud and Consistent

The guys really like to play loud and push a lot of vocal. When I fired the monitor system up, their first reaction was 'Wow, you can keep giving me more?' Plus, it's just so consistent, regardless of the stage or venue size.

Myles KennedyMonitor Engineer, Modest Mouse