UPA-2PCompact Narrow Coverage Loudspeaker

Features & Benefits


Exceptional fidelity and extended highfrequency performance

Surprising power capability in a compact package

Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy and precise imaging

Constant-Q horn affords uniform response throughout the coverage area

Narrow pattern enables precisely controlled coverage and arrayability and increases efficency at high frequencies

Predictable array performance ensures system design flexibility

Symmetrical horn allows loudspeakers to be oriented horizontally or vertically



Concert halls and clubs

Portable and installed audio-visual systems

Theatrical sound reinforcement

Frontfill and under balcony

Conference centers, presentations, ballrooms and houses of worship

The UPA-2P loudspeaker provides high power output, low distortion, and consistent polar response in a compact, vented two-way enclosure. The loudspeaker features a 12-inch cone low-frequency driver and a 3-inch-diaphragm compression driver coupled with a 45-degree symmetrical high-frequency horn. The versatile UPA-2P has many sound reinforcement applications, as a main front-of-house loudspeaker in smaller venues (singly or in arrays), as a delay or fill loudspeaker in larger systems, and more.

The UPA-2P is distinguished by the extraordinarily smooth and predictable behavior of its proprietary horn. The result of intensive research in Meyer Sound's anechoic chamber, the patented UPA-2P horn design exhibits constant Q. The beamwidth remains consistent within close tolerances, in both the horizontal and vertical planes and across the horn's operating frequency range of 1 kHz to 18 kHz. The result is uniform attenuation of all frequencies outside the specified beam width, with minimal side lobing. Uniformly predictable polar behavior takes much of the guesswork out of system design, and ensures arrays that exhibit minimal destructive interference.

Each driver is individually powered by a dedicated channel of the proprietary class AB/bridged amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages. Total power is 550 watts. The incoming audio signal is processed through an electronic crossover and correction filters for flat phase and frequency response as well as for driver protection. Phase-corrected electronics ensure flat acoustical amplitude and phase response, resulting in exceptional impulse response and precise imaging.

The field-replaceable amplifier/processing package incorporates Intelligent AC, which auto-selects the correct operating voltage, suppresses high voltage transients, filters EMI and provides soft-start power-up. The high common-mode rejection of the laser-trimmed differential input circuit permits long signal runs through a simple shielded twisted-pair cable. Audio input modules accommodate a range of applications. The standard version offers looping XLR input and output connectors, while an enhanced looping version adds polarity switching (the looping output is not affected) and input attenuation (0 dB to -18 dB). A summing mono version with two inputs is also available.

The durable trapezoidal enclosure is covered with a black textured hard-shell finish. A protective hex-stamped steel grille and charcoal grey foam cover are included. Standard rigging points are four ring and stud pan fittings (two on top and bottom) with a load rating of 420 lbs (190.51 kg) at a 5:1 safety factor. The optional 30-degree rigging frame, mounting yoke and pole mount adaptors allow fast, flexible installation and easy aiming. Options include weather protection, custom color finishes, and cabinets with no handles for fixed applications requiring specific cosmetics.

The UPA-2P is compatible with the RMS remote monitoring system, which offers comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Windows-based network.




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