Features & Benefits


Wide horizontal coverage pattern for broad audience coverage

Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy and precise imaging

Integral pole mount and quick and easy QuickFly mounting options

Constant-Q horn affords uniform response throughout coverage area

Exceptional size to power ratio

Consistent and predictable performance ensures accurate system design



Theatrical sound reinforcement

Houses of worship

Portable and installed audio-visual systems

Frontfill and sidefill


The self-powered UPQ-1P wide coverage loudspeaker is a member of the award-winning UltraSeries family of loudspeakers. Its extended low-frequency headroom gives it a smooth sound over its wide operating frequency range of 55 Hz to 18 kHz. With its easy-to-use and versatile QuickFly rigging, the UPQ-1P loudspeaker is equally suited to touring, rental and fixed installation applications.

UPQ-1P : Wide Coverage Loudspeaker

A high power-to-size ratio and ease of use makes the UPQ-1P an outstanding performer in concerts and corporate AV applications, and ideal for venues such as theatres, houses of worship, ballrooms, and nightclubs. The UPQ-1P loudspeaker produces a peak output of 136 dB SPL with low distortion, as well as an exceptionally flat phase and frequency response in a compact, vented, trapezoid enclosure.

The UPQ-1P offers an extremely consistent polar response, and is distinguished by its constant-Q horn that provides 80-degree horizontal by 50-degree vertical coverage (-6 dB points) and a gentle coverage rolloff that extends uniformly out to its -10 dB points of 100 by 60 degrees.

The smooth and consistent performance of the UPQ-1P horn is the result of meticulous research in Meyer Soundĺs anechoic chamber. The horn exhibits a remarkably consistent beamwidth in both the horizontal and vertical planes across a wide frequency range of 1 kHz to 18 kHz and delivers uniform attenuation for all frequencies outside the specified beamwidth.

The UPQ-1P loudspeaker can be used as the main system in small to mid-sized venues or easily integrated with other Meyer Sound products as centerfill or sidefills in larger applications.

The UPQ-1P loudspeaker is available in custom color finishes, allowing it to blend in with any environment. A weather-protected version with a wood-treated enclosure and rain hood to safeguard the rear of the loudspeaker and connectors from the elements is also available.



SVC 2006 Pick Hit
2009 winner

2009 winner

2009 winner


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