Features & Benefits


Classic design configuration with proven heritage

High peak power capability for excellent transient reproduction

Compact cabinet satisfies a broad range of installation requirements

Flat phase response for optimal crossover to mid/high systems



Concert halls and night clubs

Theatrical sound reinforcement

Surround sound presentations

Houses of worship

Portable and installed audio-visual systems

The USW-1P is a self-powered subwoofer loudspeaker that provides flat response in the 32 - 180 Hz range. The USW-1P performs well with UPA-P Series self-powered loudspeakers to form full-range reproduction systems, and is also compatible with other Meyer Sound self-powered mid-high loudspeakers.

The USW-1P cabinet houses two 15-inch drivers, each powered by a dedicated channel of the proprietary built-in class AB/bridged amplifier (350 watts per channel) with complementary power MOSFET output stages. Each channel features a protection limiter that prevents driver over-excursion and regulates voice coil temperature, allowing high output levels across the drivers' entire frequency range.

The USW-1P input incorporates a built-in crossover and accepts a full-range signal, allowing for simple daisy-chain signal distribution and eliminating the need for external crossovers. The USW-1P also incorporates an Intelligent AC power supply, which auto-selects the correct operating voltage for international use, suppresses voltage transients, and provides soft-start power-up.

The USW-1P is compatible with Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system. RMS displays signal and power levels, limiter activity and amplifier temperature for all loudspeakers in the network on a Windows-based PC.






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