Features & Benefits


Near-perfect impulse response affords extremely realistic sound image

Servo-controlled low-frequency driver ensures true linearity and extremely low distortion

Uniform, wide coverage provides broad “sweet spot” and exceptional sound stage

Very high peak power capability for clean, accurate transient reproduction

Unprecedented clarity maximizes “depth of field”



Control room monitor

Large-scale surround mixing

High-end playback systems

Soundtrack recording and mixing

Incorporating cutting-edge technology adapted from avionics, the X-10 demonstrates unprecedented low-frequency linearity and extremely low distortion. Featuring a near-perfect impulse response with prodigious output capability, the X-10 reproduces audio signals with astounding clarity, unequalled depth of field and pinpoint imaging.

A high-output, linear 15-inch cone driver with long excursion and 4-inch voice coil suspended in dual concentric rings of neodymium magnets handles low frequencies. To maintain linear operation of this extremely powerful driver, the X-10 uses patented PSAC pressure sensing active control circuitry, a sophisticated feedback technology originally developed for control systems on USAF stealth aircraft. PSAC employs a custom pressure sensing device and computer-modeled, high-order correction circuits to achieve near-perfect linearity and precise resolution of low/mid detail.

The X-10 high-frequency section uses a 4-inch diaphragm compression driver with optimized dome topology, coupled to a patented constant-Q waveguide with a uniform pattern, to maintain stable imaging and a wide “sweet spot.” Complementary MOSFET amplifiers operating as class A below 40 watts and class AB at high levels drive both transducers. RMS remote montoring system is fitted as standard.

For applications requiring very high monitoring levels with extreme low-frequency transients, the optional X-800 self-powered subwoofer and dedicated XO-1 router & crossover module extend system power bandwidth and headroom below 250 Hz.



25 Best Audiophile Speaker Ever Award






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