X-800CHigh-Power Cinema Subwoofer

Features & Benefits


High peak power yields excellent transient reproduction

Self-powered design provides ease of installation and reliability

Extended low frequency range down to 20 Hz

Extremely low distortion for ultimate low-frequency clarity

Phase coherent with Acheron 80/100/LF for completely coherent screen channel system



Motion picture theaters

Re-recording stages

Screening rooms

Soundtrack recording and mixing

The Meyer Sound X-800 high-power subwoofer is designed to provide very low-frequencies with ample headroom in critical applications. The X-800 Studio and X-800C Cinema versions from the EXP line of products excel in environments requiring very low distortion, extended bandwidth and extreme low frequency transients.

The X-800C is a linear, powerful self- powered subwoofer offering excellent phase coherence for smooth transitioning from screen channels to low-frequency effects (LFE), The X-800C delivers extended low frequency output down to 20 Hz with clear, punchy transients even at very high levels.

The X-800C houses two Meyer Sound long excursion, high efficiency 18-inch drivers in an optimally tuned, vented cabinet. The X-800C output rolls off well below 250 Hz, avoiding any adverse comb filtering effects that could be generated by the proximity of other X-800C subwoofers when used in arrays.

An integral two-channel class AB/H amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages supplies a total output of 1240 Watts (2480 Watts peak), providing the system with sufficient headroom to accommodate lowest frequencies of the most extreme digital soundtrack's.

Each amplifier channel features TruPower limiting technology to maximize loudspeaker reliability, minimize power compression and extend component life. An Intelligent AC power supply affords automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, soft current turn-on and surge suppression.

A laser-trimmed differential input with high common-mode rejection enables long line-level signal runs using shielded, twisted- pair cable. As with all Meyer Sound self- powered products, sophisticated onboard processing includes phase and frequency response correction filters. This self- powered design not only assures consistent results but also simplifies installation in both new and existing rooms.

The X-800C subwoofer's premium birch plywood cabinet is coated with a durable textured low gloss finish. Meyer Sound's optional RMS remote monitoring system provides comprehensive system monitoring over a Windows-based network.

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THX Approved



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