PSW-6High-Power Cardioid Subwoofer

Features & Benefits


Cardioid radiation pattern with over 15 dB front-to-back SPL ratio

Minimizes destructive low-frequency reverberation

Maximizes gain before feedback

Facilitates noise abatement in open-air applications

Lessens boundary effects



Concert halls and theatres

Stadiums and arenas

Large-scale events

The Meyer Sound PSW-6 is the first low-frequency system to exhibit a true cardioid directional pattern throughout its operating range. The PSW-6’s unprecedented directional control spans more than two full octaves, with a front-to-back SPL ratio of more than 15 dB (typically more than 20 dB) from 30 Hz to 125 Hz. Horizontal and vertical coverage patterns are symmetrical, ensuring consistent SPL and frequency response throughout the coverage area.

The tight response pattern of the PSW-6 steers acoustical output away from the enclosure rear, eliminating much of the low-frequency reverberation associated with large-scale full-range loudspeaker arrays and allowing placement in proximity to walls without the problems of subtractive boundary conditions.

The PSW-6 incorporates a built-in four-channel class AB/H amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages that delivers total peak output of 2480 watts (620 watts/channel). TruPower limiting provides enhanced performance and assures driver protection, and the Intelligent AC System affords automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, soft current turn-on and surge suppression.

The PSW-6 shares the same “footprint” as the Meyer Sound MSL-6, and features an internal steel framework for carrying load stresses. The optional MRF-6 Rigging Frame allows integration into QuickFly rigging systems.

The PSW-6 is compatible with Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system, which displays critical system parameters on a Windows-based computer.


Featured Technology

Intelligent AC System

RMS Remote Monitoring System

TruPower Limiting





QuickFly Rigging




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