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CAL : Column Array Loudspeaker

Column Array Loudspeaker

Features & Benefits


Variable vertical coverage from 5° to 30°

60° of vertical beam steering, ±30° *

Custom-built drivers and tweeters designed and optimized for beam steering

Every driver and tweeter has dedicated amplifier channel and processing

The best algorithms utilized based on years of research into sound field synthesis

Low profile, discreet aesthetics, custom colors and weather protection


* Peak SPL will change according to beam width






Convention centers

Places of worship


Shopping malls

Retail spaces

Reverberant spaces requiring low-profile sound reinforcement for voice reproduction

Meyer sound has earned an enviable reputation for developing unique, science-based solutions to some of the most difficult problems confronting audio professionals.

The CAL self-powered steerable column array loudspeakers continue this endeavor by offering higher power, more extended high-frequency beam-steering and beam splitting capabilities, and more uniform broad-bandwidth beam formation than any other column system. CAL marks a quantum advancement in achieving coverage control with an unprecedented level of accuracy both in its sonic quality and directionality.

Designed primarily for vocal reproduction in fixed installations, CAL loudspeakers produce a vertical beam of programmable width (as narrow as five degrees and up to 30 degrees), and then digitally steer the beam’s pattern up to 30 degrees up or down. CAL's beam steering takes the practice of directing sound to a whole new level, and with a low profile and discreet aesthetics CAL redefines high-quality installation sound solutions.



2014 Reader's Choice Award

TEC Award Winner

AV Technology Award Winner


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CAL Column Array Loudspeaker John McMahon
CAL Column Array Loudspeaker





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