Features & Benefits


Extremely compact enclosure

Wide-range frequency response


Ultra-low distortion


Transformerless, wide-bandwidth signal distribution

Amazing SPL/size ratio

Color matching available

Low distortion maximizes intelligibility

Effortlessly reproduces music as well as speech

Flexible mounting options ease installation

Weather-resistant version available for outdoor installations



Space-sensitive fill for theatres

Easily concealed for on-stage effects

High-quality distributed systems, paging and music

Background music systems in restaurants and clubs

Exhibit audio for museum displays

High-quality corporate boardroom installations

The MM-4 loudspeaker is a very compact, wide-range loudspeaker for high quality distributed system applications. In contrast to conventional low power 70-volt transformer based systems, the MM-4 connects directly to the amplifier and is capable of producing high sound pressure levels while dramatically reducing distortion and easing installation requirements.

The MM-4 comprises a single 4-inch cone driver with a 16-ohm voice coil mounted in a sealed enclosure. The MM-4 draws 150 watts peak from the line, and produces 112.5 dB peak SPL. Typically, with four MM-4s connected in parallel on the line, the system requires a direct drive power amplifier capable of 600 watts continuous output (49 volts rms) into 4 ohms.

The MM-4CEU is a two-channel, single rack space unit providing frequency and phase response correction circuitry tailored to the MM-4 loudspeaker. Through a SpeakerSense connection to the power amplifier output, the MM-4CEU continuously monitors the power applied to the drivers, activating integral peak and RMS limiters to protect against over-excursion and overheating, respectively.

The MM-4CEU incorporates Meyer Sound’s MultiSense circuit to drive several amplifiers, monitor two amplifier channels and activate its protection circuits based on the system branch with the highest signal level. MultiSense allows the levels of individual zones to be adjusted using the power amplifier's attenuators. Typically, each channel of the MM-4CEU can drive 12 or more amplifier channels depending on the input impedance of the amplifier.

The MM-4 enclosure's black anodized extruded aluminum acts as a sink to dissipate heat from the driver voice coil. It can be ordered custom-painted to match décor, and is fitted with a perforated steel grille.

Two connector versions are available: the sealed EN3 connector for outdoor installations, and a Phoenix-style keyed connector for use indoors. A companion MUB-MM4 U-bracket is available for mounting that affixes to the cabinet with two 3/8"-16 screws and is drilled to fit an OmniMount bracket. An optional MMFA-MM4 flush mount assembly is available for ceiling or wall mount applications.



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