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Stella-8C : Installation Loudspeaker

The Stella-8C ceiling mount installation loudspeaker is a self-powered loudspeaker engineered primarily for use in Meyer Sound's Constellation acoustic system. Housed in an aluminum die cast enclosure with a heatsink on the back, the Stella-8C can be flush-mounted in ceilings and walls with standard backboxes for 8-inch drivers (with a minimum depth of 6.5 inches).

The Stella-8C delivers similar acoustical performance as the Stella-4 and Stella-4C loudspeakers, but with expanded output capability and wider coverage. The unit's 8-inch coaxial cone and 0.75-inch tweeter transducers can produce a maximum peak SPL of 117 dB at one meter over a wide frequency range of 100 Hz to 22 kHz. The Stella-8C contains amplification and signal processing onboard and exhibits the same low distortion, high intelligibility, and flat frequency and phase response for which Meyer Sound products are known. As a self-powered loudspeaker, the Stella-8C offers simplified installation for the multichannel output of Constellation systems or other installation applications.

Balanced audio and DC power are fed to the Stella-8C from a 5-pin Phoenix connector on its rear panel. Meyer Sound's patented Iso-Input transformer-isolated differential input circuit yields a high common mode signal rejection ratio (CMRR). Powering the unit from a unipolar 12 to 18 V DC external power source reduces induced noise significantly, while the use of a low voltage supply eliminates the need for wiring conduits.

The required method for delivering balanced audio and DC power to the Stella-8C is with the Stella-188 external power supply. The single-space 19-inch rack unit can accommodate up to eight Stella-8Cs (one per channel output). The Stella-188 receives eight channels of balanced audio from its 25-pin D-sub connector and routes the audio, along with 18 V of DC power, to its 5-pin Phoenix output connectors for greater wiring convenience. Cable runs to the Stella-8C of up to 150 feet are possible with just 1 dB of loss in peak SPL using 18 AWG wire.

The use of composite multiconductor cables (such as Belden 1502R) allows a single cable to carry both audio and DC power from the Stella-188 to the Stella-8C. The Stella-8C amplifier and signal processing circuits are designed to tolerate voltage drops of up to 30 percent, thereby accommodating light-gauge cables and long cable runs. Internal energy storage circuits minimize the system's peak-to-average current demands, ensuring efficient use of the Stella-188's 18 V DC output.


Also available in black and custom colors


Stella-8C IN USE

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