LCS Series: Matrix3 | Constellation

LCS Series Introduction

The LCS Series contains digital audio products that are amongst the industry’s most powerful and advanced systems.

Matrix3 Audio Show Control

The Matrix3 audio show control system provides a complete audio signal path from microphone outputs to the inputs of a Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeaker system, including analog (mic and line) and digital (AES and CobraNet) inputs and outputs, full matrix mixing with processing, hard disk recording and playback, multichannel panning, and more, all under complete automation control. A favorite of theatrical productions of all sizes, museum exhibitions, and theme parks, Matrix3 is flexible and scalable enough for a wide variety of venues and applications.

Matrix3: Audio Show Control

Constellation Electroacoustic Architecture

Constellation electroacoustic architecture is a new approach to venue acoustics that enables venues to supply appropriate acoustics to both audiences and performers for a wide range of events, all at a button press. Built around Meyer Sound’s patented VRAS technology, and backed by Meyer Sound’s staff of qualified experts in acoustics and digital signal processing, Constellation provides a comprehensive answer to the challenge faced by today's multipurpose spaces.

Constellation: Electroacoustic Architecture



“My goal is to never say 'no' to my producers and directors. Certainly with LCS Series products, I’m in that position.”

- Jonathan Deans
Sound Designer, Cirque du Soleil and Broadway Shows


“Constellation is, to my ears, living proof that skilled engineering and technology can indeed improve the physical spaces where we listen to music”

- John Adams
Pulitzer Prize-winning composer