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Constellation Electroacoustic Architecture

Features & Benefits

  • Enables venues to provide optimal acoustics for any performance
  • Natural sound based on attributes of the world's best-sounding venues
  • A complete system that integrates rigorous design, calibration, and certification methodologies with a flexible hardware and software package

  • Each system custom-created by a team of qualified experts
  • Far less expensive and more flexible than architectural solutions

Constellation electroacoustic architecture is a system that combines the natural acoustics of a space with powerful technology to create acoustics with natural characteristics, the aural qualities of the world's best rooms, and broad flexibility. Created by experts in acoustics, classical music, and digital processing technology, this system was developed to give venues the ability to supply appropriate acoustics for each kind of performance they host, all accessible with a single button press.

Constellation Ensemble provides performers with an electronic orchestra shell Audiences are more engaged
when they feel immersed in the sound of the crowd
Constellation offers rich, natural acoustics appropriate for any genre of music

For choral singing, Constellation supplies clarity, warmth, and body Speech sounds intimate and intelligible with Constellation’s VoiceLift feature Constellation Experience Settings enable sound designers to take audiences through fanciful environments

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“John Meyer has transformed both the science and the art of sound design, bringing it to its highest level of evolution to date. Constellation is, to my ears, living proof that skilled engineering and technology can indeed improve the physical spaces where we listen to music.

Happily I can now say that Constellation confirms that the era of truly sophisticated and satisfying sound design has finally arrived. ”

John Adams
Pulitzer Prize-winning Composer


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