USW-1 UltraSeries Subwoofer

Features & Benefits


High power

Extremely low distortion

Long-term reliability


Compact and easily handled



Road use or installations

Sound reinforcement


Concert, film and theater

Live music clubs

Music playback systems

Bass instrument amplification

The compact, high-power USW-1 extends the frequency range and power bandwidth of Meyer Sound reinforcement systems to 40 Hz. Accurate and rugged, the subwoofer consists of two 15-inch cone drivers capable of long excursion with extremely low distortion, housed in a heavily braced five cubic foot vented enclosure of multiple-ply hardwood.

Fitted with handles, the roadworthy cabinet has a durable, textured finish and, optionally, aircraft-style rigging pan fittings for ease of installation.

The USW-1 requires a professional quality power amplifier capable of delivering up to 400 watts into 4 ohms (this normally corresponds to a 250 watt/8 ohm rating), with a signal voltage gain of 20 dB (minimum) to 30 dB (maximum).

B-2EX Control Electronics Unit

The USW-1 operates as a system with the B-2EX Control Electronics Unit (one per channel). Optimized for use with Meyer Sound subwoofers, and pre-aligned at the factory, the B-2EX contains frequency response and phase response alignment circuitry, and Meyer Sound’s exclusive SpeakerSense driver protection circuitry, incorporating RMS signal limiting and switchable excursion limiting.

A single-channel device operating at line level, the B-2EX is intended to be the final component in the signal chain before the power amplifier. It is connected in parallel with the input to the system being supplemented by the USW-1, and incorporates a summing input for deriving a mono subwoofer signal from a stereo program.

The factory-calibrated SpeakerSense circuitry protects the USW-1 loudspeaker components from damage due to overheating under high power conditions. This unique circuit continuously monitors the power applied to the USW-1 drivers, and limits the B-2EX output when the safe operating limits of the drivers are exceeded. Until the onset of overload, the SpeakerSense circuitry has no effect on the B-2EX output signal.

Included in the SpeakerSense circuit is a Safe switch, which moves the limit point down by 6 dB and engages the excursion limiter. This has the effect of increasing the safety margin of the system, and is intended to be used when extended periods of overload are anticipated. In addition to these features, the B-2EX incorporates a Crossover switch which engages/disengages the lowpass rolloff of the subwoofer output. This feature may be used whenever it is desireable to operate the USW-1 full-range as, for example, in instrument amplification.

The setup controls are located behind a cover plate on the B-2EX front panel, providing a means for securing the system installer’s presets.









Datasheet (PDF)

B2-EX Operating Instructions (PDF)