M3D-SubDirectional Subwoofer

Features & Benefits


Directional technology provides improved low-frequency gain before feedback

Prodigious output to cover even the largest venues

Cardioid pattern control minimizes reverberation

Fully weather protected for long-lasting service in demanding environments



Stadiums, arenas and concert halls

Touring sound reinforcement

Large-scale events

The M3D-Sub subwoofer supplements M3D line array systems in music reinforcement applications requiring very high power and maximum headroom in the lowest frequencies.

The M3D-Sub features the same physical dimensions as the M3D. M3D-Subs may be flown or ground-stacked, and may also be combined with M3Ds in a single array. The M3D-Sub incorporates the same directional low-frequency technology as the M3D, ensuring a well-controlled cardioid coverage pattern all the way to 30 Hz. A pair of 18-inch drivers is mounted at the front of the cabinet, and works in conjunction with a pair of 15-inch drivers facing the rear and is driven by a sophisticated phase manipulation circuit. The resulting directional pattern assures that very low-frequency energy does not spill onto the stage or cause excessive reverberation.

The M3D-Sub features a high-power, complementary MOSFET amplifier with integrated frequency and phase response correction and driver protection circuits. TruPower Limiting minimizes power compression and protects the driver components from damage due to overload, and Intelligent AC automatically selects the correct operating mains voltage for trouble-free worldwide compatibility.

QuickFly rigging hardware, fitted as standard, facilitates constructing rigid, ground-stacked or flown M3D-Sub arrays, and also eases integration of M3D-Subs with M3Ds in unitary full-range, high-power line arrays.




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