CP-10Complementary Phase Parametric Equalizer

Features & Benefits


Complementary phase

Symmetrical boost-cut

Calibrated controls

Automatic bypass switching

Gold-socketed p.c. boards
Ease of service
Long-term reliability



Sound system equalization

Recording studio tuning

Resonance elimination

Early echo suppression

Outboard recording EQ

The Meyer Sound CP-10 complementary phase parametric equalizer is a two-channel unit, each channel comprising five bands of fully parametric equalization and individual highand low-cut shelving filters.

The CP-10 is designed for precision room equalization in sound reinforcement or studio monitoring, and features Meyer Sound’s exclusive complementary phase circuitry. Capable of matching exactly the properties of typical acoustic resonances and reflections, this unique circuitry makes possible simultaneous improvements to an installed system’s amplitude and phase response.

The CP-10 equalizer is an integral component of Meyer Sound’s proprietary SIM audio analzyer system. Coupling high-resolution, in-concert, multiple-point measurement with complementary phase equalization, this revolutionary technology assures unprecedented sound system performance — even in the most difficult acoustical environments.

The CP-10 also serves as a very effective, high-quality outboard equalizer for music recording. Its graceful, symmetrical parametric filters and natural phase characteristics ensure maximum flexibility with minimum sonic perturbation. Coupled with very low harmonic distortion and a 110 dB dynamic range, these attributes place the CP-10 in a class with the finest outboard equalizers available. With specifications to meet the most demanding professional requirements, the Meyer Sound CP-10 offers uncompromised performance in recording and reinforcement applications. Individually socketed, field-replaceable circuit cards and automatic bypass switching ensure maximum reliability with extended use.

The clearly marked front panel includes individual in/out switches for each equalization band, with separate, calibrated frequency, bandwidth and boost/cut controls. LEDs indicate power status and signal clipping. Signal flow through the device is controlled by a delayed relay which allows the CP-10 circuitry to stabilize before it is engaged. When power to the CP-10 is interrupted, input signals are bypassed directly to the corresponding outputs. The front panel may be removed without affecting control settings, and each equalization stage resides on a separate, gold-socketed circuit card for ease of service. An optional smoked plastic security cover discourages tampering in fixed installations.



Datasheet (PDF)

Operating Instructions (PDF)