Features & Benefits

Flat frequency and phase response afford high levels of gain before feedback

Symmetrical, wide constant-Q horn provides maximum freedom of movement for performers

High peak power ensures excellent transient response

Low-profile cabinet preserves sight lines



Vocal monitor

Keyboard or drum monitor

Stage monitor system side fill

By producing flat amplitude and phase responses, full-range bandwidth and exceptional impulse response, the UM-100P far exceeds the capabilities of conventional stage monitors. The UM-100P provides 133 dB SPL peak at 1 meter with excellent intelligibility and without distortion or coloration.

The UM-P Series horns exhibit constant Q: the beamwidth remains consistent across the horn’s operating frequency range in both the vertical and horizontal planes. The UM-100P’s wide coverage (100-degree horizontal x 40-degree vertical) allows the performer great freedom of movement within the coverage area. Frequency response is uniform across the specified beamwidth, with minimal side lobes.

The compact, self-powered UM-100P enclosure houses a 12-inch cone driver and a 3-inch diaphragm compression driver along with phase-corrected control electronics and amplification. A dedicated, proprietary class AB/bridged amplifier (350 watts per channel) with complementary MOSFET output stages powers the high- and low-frequency drivers. TruPower limiting prevents driver over-excursion and regulates voice coil temperature, protecting the drivers and assuring high sound pressure levels with minimal power compression. The Intelligent AC power supply provides automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, high voltage transient suppression and soft start at power-up.

With the addition of an optional module, the UM-100P may be integrated into Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system, a Windows-based computer application for monitoring the full range of amplifier and limiter operating parameters.







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