Technical Support

AutoCAD r12 and R13 Version C3 user

The loudspeaker library was created using AutoCAD R14 and saved as "AutoCAD R13/LT 95." Users of AutoCAD r12 and R13 Ver. C3 wil most likely receive an ACIS Error 28006 if they are trying to open a loudspeaker drawing saved as "r13 .DWG/LT95" file type. This prohibits the user from seeing the 3-D Solids. The simple fix: Upgrade to AutoCAD R13 Ver. C4 or C4a. It is a free upgrade for any AutoCAD R13 registered user. It upgrades the ACIS (Solid modeling file format) to version 1.6 allowing 3-D Solids to load with the drawing file.

Another fix that might work for C3 (it is successful in C4) is to use the ACIS Insert command. It is crude in that ACIS files are strictly 3-D Solids. Not all Objects are solid in the 3-D library. By exporting an ACIS file from ACAD 14, R13 users might be able to use the Loudspeaker Enclosure exclusively. ACIS Objects also do not have any Layer Properties. They are simply inserted in the current layer in a current drawing.